About CISA

About the CISA Organization...

The California Indian Storytelling Association (CISA) is a grass-roots organization committed to provide a storytelling forum for the indigenous people of the Americas.

Our purpose is to support Native California Indian storytellers, honor our elders, pass on storytelling traditions and culture and work with groups sharing a common vision. CISA provides a place to share the authentic voices-in traditional, historical and contemporary stories.

Since our inception CISA has been building cultural bridges between indigenous peoples throughout California.

The mentors and apprentices may come from different cultural groups; even the smaller regional festivals include a few experienced tellers from different cultural groups. Through our programs we conduct fieldwork to find storytellers, to build our network and to reach our communities served. 

The communities we serve are the hundreds of diverse California tribes, including youth, adults and elders who reside in rural reservations and in cities of all sizes.

We also serve indigenous people who have re-located to California from other states or who live in adjacent states or regions.

In addition, we serve the larger public community in offering events open to the public that educate all interested people about indigenous stories, culture and history. 


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